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A know-how
of more than 30 years

Cécile et Jeanne was born in 1990 from a need to beautify women, from the ambition to bring colors to the streets. 30 years later, and after that our dove, timeless symbol of the house, went around the world, our jewelry is still handcrafted in our Pariisian workshop, with an infallible know-how : the result of thirty years of experience in costume jewelry.
Cécile et Jeanne also has a lign of feminin and elegant bags and other leather accessories, that are designed in Paris and handmade in Italy by craftsmen in whom we have decided to place our trust.

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    Jeanne’s World

    In 1990, Jane co-founded Cécile & Jeanne with her brother Elie. Since then, her mission has been to beautify women. She puts no limits to her creativity, inventing new production methods when necessary.

    Today, after 30 years of history, and many more to come, Jane affirms it: the privilege of her daily life is to imagine beauty, to reinvent light, to transmit happiness. In her constant quest for harmony, she blends shapes and colors, creating unique collections to suit women’s every mood and desires (from the most reasonable to the wildest!).

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    The arrival
    of Cécile

    At the age when little girls draw pretty ladies, Cécile was already drawing them with a pair of earrings, a necklace and a handbag. Lulled by fashion stories, she grew up surrounded by beauty and aesthetics.

    In 2019, after studying law, she realized her dream and joined Jeanne. Today, Jeanne and Cécile share their desires and dreams of beautification, launched their first joint collection for Autumn Winter 2020-2021. A contrast between Cécile’s youthful outlook and Jeanne’s experience.

A symbol…
the dove

Cécile & Jeanne’s Dove is hope, future, femininity and all its beauty. t was born in a little city by the sea, where Jeanne grew up. It was born at a time where children dreamt of piece and enjoyed drawing it. From our Voyage collection, that is unique because it represents air, water, and earth together, our Dove quickly distinguished itself and became the symbol of the house. You will always find it in the little details of Jeanne’s creations: on a necklace clasp, at the back of an earring…

In 1995, Jeanne offers a dove pin to Leah Rabin, as a gesture of friendship to the woman who has just become the widow of Israeli Prime Minister Yithak Rabin.
Truly touched by this token of friendship, Leah Rabin orders from Jeanne this iconic jewel to gift it to Yasser Arafat’s wife, as a symbol of peace.

Following this strong and moving gesture, the dove flew away: over time, it was displayed around the world by women who carried high its message of peace and harmony, such as Madeleine Albright or Hillary Clinton.

The workshop

For 30 years, Jeanne has been fortunate to be surrounded by rare gems. Some of them are stored in jars on the shelves of her studio, but for her, her real treasure is the know-how of the little hands who have accompanied her for so many years. Over time, they have developed a unique know-how, and follow Jeanne in all her creative desires. The value of Cécile and Jeanne is this remarkable mastery of the technique of jewelry.

It is this same quality of work that Jeanne was looking for when she joined forces with an Italian leather workshop, to which she entrusted the handcrafting of her bags, that she designs in Paris, since 2004.

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