Manchette Doré Céleste

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Manchette Doré Céleste

$295,00satisfied or refunded


  • Longueur 5cm

  • Largeur 6cm

This costume designer cuff from our Céleste collection is the reflection of Parisian chic. Refined and thought out down to the smallest details, it reminds us of a bracelets set that would fit the wrist perfectly and wouldn't move anymore : the impossible becomes possible. Femininity is guaranteed with its cutout shape that looks like a décolleté for the wrist.


Exceptional balance are the first words that come to mind when talking about the Céleste collection. It is a sublime marriage of modernity, authenticity, timelessness. It is beautiful today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. A mix of shimmering metal and high quality pearls, this collection is just perfection to wear around your neck, ears, wrists…