General conditions of sales

Purchases on the website, edited by the company CECILE & JEANNE imply without reserves the acceptation of the following dispositions:

Article 1- Company
Cecile Jeanne is a limited company, whose headquarter is located at 49, Daumesnil Avenue, 75012 Paris and registered at the (RCS) of Paris B380 103 200, its (TVA intracommunautaire) is FR 19 380 103 200. Our customer service phone number is: +33 (0)142717388

Article 2- General
The general conditions of sales of the company CECILE & JEANNE define the rights and obligations of both parties during the sale of products via the website (from now on designated by “the website”)

The customer declares that he/she is aware and accepts these rights and obligations. Any order made on the website is defined by the following conditions.

Article- 3
3.1 The customers has the option to order:
    . On the website: via

3.2 The customer guaranties that he/she is fully habilitated to use the credit card used for the payment of his order and that this card gives access to sufficient funds to cover all the cost resulting from his order on the website

3.3 By clicking on the button “buy” during the process of the order, and after having verified in its “basket” the content of its order, and having modified it if need be, the customer declares accepting fully and without reserves the integrality of the present general sales conditions.

After having confirmed the content of his/her order, the customer will validate the order with the payment. The order will only be definitive after the payment of the price.

Cecile Jeanne will systematically confirm the order of each customer and its shipment by email.

3.4 The price including taxes of each product is indicated in the description of the product.

The shipment costs are offered by Cecile Jeanne, if the order is more than 99 EUR. In case of return, the shipment cost will be paid by the customer.

Cost of shipment in France : 8 EUR
Cost of shipment in Europe : 12 EUR

Cost of shipment for the rest of the world : 20 EUR

For deliveries outside Europe, the prices of the products are in USD and include the cost of shipment.

3.5 In case a customer does not respect the obligations of sales described in the present General Conditions of sales, in particular concerning the payment of an order could trigger the cancelation of the access of the Cecile Jeanne website by the customer. It could even result in the cancelation of his customer account according to the severity of the facts. Consequently, Cecile Jeanne can refuse any order from a customer with which there is such problems.

Article 4- Conformity of the products
4.1 Cecile Jeanne will do its best so the photographic representation of the products on its website will be as close as possible to reality. However, because of the very fact that it is a numerical representation and not a real one, it is possible that the photographic representation of the product does not correspond fully to the product itself.

4.2 In case of non conformity of the product delivered to the customer, the customer will be able to return it to the company Cecile Jeanne by contacting the customer service at +33 (0)142717388. The customer will be able to ask Cecile Jeanne:

-To ship him a identical product according to the available stocks.
-To ship him a product of similar quality and price according to the available stocks
-To be reimbursed the price of the product in the 30 days following the request of the customer

The expenses of return of the product ordered and delivered to the client, and the potential delivery of another product will be paid by the customer.

4.3 Those dispositions do not prevent the client from its right to retract himself as described in the article 6 of the present general conditions of sales.

Article 5
In the case of a total or partial unavailability of a product after an order was made, the client will be informed by email of a partial delivery or of the cancelation of his delivery.

According of the Article L 121-20-3 of the Consumption code, in case of unavailability of the product, the customer is able to:

-Either be shipped a product of equivalent quality and price according to the available stocks
-Either be reimbursed the price of the product ordered in the 30 days following its order. If the cost of shipping of the new products are superior to the shipping cost of the original product ordered then Cecile Jeanne will take care of the surplus.

Article 6- Retraction right
6.1 concerning the products commercialized on the website, the customers beneficiate of a right to cancel and send back their product(s) during 7 days following the delivery date, according to article L121-20 of the consumption code.
The customer can, during the 7 days following the delivery of his order and concerning products included in the retraction right use his retracting right by calling the customer service at the following number: +33 (0)142717388

6.2 Modalities
Before any return of a product, the customer will have to indicate its intentions by calling the customer service or emailing the following email address:

This right is used by shipping back the product at the address indicated in the article 7.

The reimbursement of the customer will be done by any mean of payment in 30 days following the reception by Cecile Jeanne of the right of retraction request, under the reserve that the product has been returned to Cecile Jeanne.

The return of whole the products ordered will create a reimbursement equal to the totality of the amounts paid by the clients, which means the price to which the product(s) was(were) bought.

Article 7
7.1 return of the product in case of non-conformity or of the use of the retraction right.
In order to fully benefit from the conditions of the article 4 “Conformity” and article 6 “Retraction right” the customer has to return the product to Cecile Jeanne:

-Only after having received the return number that the customer service would have sent by email after having received the call of the client signaling the return
-To the following address: Cecile Jeanne Retour Internet number … (will be indicated the return number)  49, avenue Daumesnil 75012 PARIS
-Correctly protected , in its original packaging, in perfect selling conditions (not damaged or dirtied)
-The receipt should be attached in order for us to identify the customer (order number, name, family name, address)
-The product should not have been used for a long time by the customer (no more than a couple minutes), which means that the product should not bear the marks of a prolonged use. The product should have a quality that will allow Cecile Jeanne to sell it again.

Article 8- Payment
We accept to this day: Credit card, Visa and Mastercard

According to the date of the order, a request of a bank payment will be sent within 3 days to the customer’s bank. The order will be considered effective only after the agreement between the bank payment centers.

According to the law and in order to protect the security and confidentiality of its customers, Cecile Jeanne does not save the card details of its customers.
Therefore, it is up to the customer to print its payment certificate if he wishes to keep its card details relating to the transaction.

Article 9- Security
During the secure payments, the elements of secure of the transaction are the following:

-Integrity of the data exchanged between Cecile Jeanne’s server and the bank’s server are assured by (sealing method)
-Authentication of the merchant issuing the payment request
-Confidentiality of the data exchanged between the buyer and the payment server of the bank (number, validity date, visual cryptogram of the credit card) effectuated by (SSL encryption)
-credit card information capture on the secured website of the bank, guarantying that neither Cecile Jeanne nor any other technical intermediary will have access to the credit card information
-(Integration native) of the Visa 3D Secure / Mastercard secure Code functionality that allows the bank to guaranty the payment in the countries where the solution is  deployed (see

Our payment solution offers since it was introduced the best possible secure, this secure is guarantied by regular (audits) realized by independent companies

Indeed, only the CIC bank has the confidential information (card number, validity date) .

Article 10- Delivery
10.1 Delivery address. The products or services will be shipped to the shipping address that the customer has indicated during the order process.

During the shipping of an order, Cecile Jeanne will let the customer know about the shipping of the original receipt including the VAT in the package.
In case of a partial shipment, a delivery receipt detailing the products included in the package will be available in the package.

Cecile Jeanne delivers t the entire world

10.2 Shipping time. The maximum shipping time is 15 days from the day the order was made, unless other information is given to the customer before the order is made and validated. In this case Cecile Jeanne will give an estimated delivery time.

10.3 Late delivery.
In such case, the customer can contact Cecile Jeanne’s customer service, whose information is given in the “Contact” section of the website.

The customer can cancel its order if the delivery has not been made 7 days after the delivery date given by Cecile Jeanne, unless this delay is due to a case of force majeure according to case law of French courts.

After 10 business days following the cancelation request by the customer, Cecile Jeanne will make a reimbursement request to its bank for the customer.     

10.4 Partial delivery. The customer will be informed by email of a partial delivery of an order. A second email will inform him of the delivery of the other products ordered.

10.5 Delivery carried out. Each delivery is carried out as soon as the customer is in possession of the product.

Without entrenching on the time the customer has in its retraction right as defined in article 8, it is the customer that has to verify the order when it arrives and to make any reclamation, complains or to refuse the package if it has been deteriorated or opened during transport. The reclamations and complains have to be addressed to the transporter via a registered letter with acknowledgment receipt  within 3 business days following the delivery of the products. A copy will be immediately sent to Cecile Jeanne.

10.6 Information about the delivery modalities.
Lost package. When a package leaves Cecile Jeanne’s warehouse, he can be shipped either by the post services or by a transporter. The customer is informed via email of the delivery mean used for its order as soon as the product leaves Cecile Jeanne’s warehouse.

1/ An email going over the products shipped and informing him about the shipment way is sent to the customer when the package leaves Cecile Jeanne’s warehouse.
At any time the customer can receive information about its order/package:
-By calling the customer service at +33 (0) 6 63236508 or by contacting Cecile Jeanne by email at the email address that is in the “contact” section of the website.

It takes 2 to 5 business days to be delivered or to receive an information of in the mail box. If the package does not arrive during this period, Cecile Jeanne’s customer service will start an investigation with the postal services. The customer will then receive an email stating that an investigation has been opened.
-If the package is found, it is sent to the customer: the reception procedure will then start its normal course -If the package is declared lost, Cecile Jeanne will then tell the customer about it and start the reimbursement procedure immediately.

Article 11- Guaranties
11.1 Legal guaranties (1641 and following of the civil code)
in case of the delivery of a defaulted product, (article 4) or a product (showing a” vice cache”) Cecile Jeanne, according to the choice of the customer, is committed to either reimburse the customer the price of the product or to exchange the customer’s product with a product of identical quality and price according to the available stocks, or to exchange the customer’s product with a product of similar price and quality according to available stocks.

For any such request the customer has to contact the customer service throught the contact section of the web site or by calling +33 (0)142717388

11.2 contractual guaranty
The contractual guaranty is usually given by Cecile Jeanne to its customer.

In case of a problem with a product, the customer has to keep the receipt of the purchase that was given by Cecile Jeanne and contact the customer service through the “Contact” section of the website. The customer service will then instruct the customer on the procedure to follow.

11.3 Guaranty exclusion. Are excluded from the guaranty, products that have been modified or repaired by the client or any other person not authorized by Cecile Jeanne. The guaranty will not take into account products damaged during transport or a bad utilization.

Article 12- Modification of general sale conditions.
Cecile Jeanne has the right to modify the present General conditions of sale.

Any new version of the General condition of sale will be reported on the first page of the section “contact”.

Customers that do not accept the changes will have to cease using services.

Article 13- Personal data
13.1 Cecile Jeanne is committed to respect the personal data provided by the customer on the website and to treat them with respect to the law on informatics and liberty of January, 6th 1978.

13.2 Cecile Jeanne is informing the client that those data are going to be used by its internal services or the one of its subsidiaries:

-To inform its customers of news, promotions or events, to send invitation emails
-To proceed the customer’s order
-To strengthen communication through sending newsletters, special offers (competitions, games….) and special emails in the frame of the personalization

Furthermore, Cecile Jeanne reminds that if the customer would change his mind and would decide that he does not want to receive emails, invitations or newsletters anymore, he could at any time inform Cecile Jeanne about this decision in the section “contact” of the website.

13.3 Cecile Jeanne inform also the customer that it might also communicate its personal data in order to assure the delivery of orders by its contractors, for some aspect concerning the customer service and to realize satisfaction enquiries. Moreover, Cecile Jeanne may communicate this data in order to cooperate with an order from the legal authorities.

13.4 Also, in accordance with the informatics and liberty law of January 6th 1978, the customer can at any time exercise its right to have access to his file, his right of opposition and his right of rectification or of suppression for the information concerning him by addressing his request to (indicating his name, family name, email address and shipping address):

-by email to the following email address:
-Or by mail at the following address:  49, avenue Daumesnil 75012 PARIS

Article 14- Various
14.1 If any of those terms of the General conditions of sale becomes illegal or not available by a court decision, then the other dispositions will stay in force.

14.2 In application of the articles 1316 and the followings, of the civil code, and of the article L.110-3 of the commerce code, the information delivered by the website are the only ones with value between the sides. The elements such as the time of reception or of issuing , the quality of the data by priority as they appear on the information of Cecile Jeanne, or as authentified by Cecile Jeanne’s computerized procedures, unless the written proof of the contrary is given by the customer. Cecile Jeanne’s computerized systems is given the proof of information to an original document.

Article 15- Litigation
The present  General conditions of sale in the French language will be interpreted and executed according to French law.

In case of litigation, the customer will first go to Cecile Jeanne in order to find a solution.

Otherwise only French court will be able given the authority to decide on the litigation.

Article 16- Hebergeur
1&1 Internet SARL – 7, place de la gare – 57200 Sarreguemines.