Necklace Golden L'heure Dorée

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Necklace Golden L'heure Dorée

$396,00satisfied or refunded

Référence - DOFTPC52_DORE

  • Longueur 41cm

A necklace that illuminates the complexion, décolleté, face, and any day or evening. We like to wear it to drink your first coffee in the morning, or your 3rd glass of champagne in the evening. Imagined as an acrobat show in full swing, you can only be in a festive mood when you wear it.


Movement, dance, art, balance, are at the origin of the Felicita collection. For this collection, born in a luminous period, Jeanne was inspired by the grace of juggles and great circus acrobats, recreating their movements by playing with asymmetrical shapes, rounds of different sizes… the result: dancing jewels. It is a collection that makes you feel good, brings you joy, happiness: that brings you Felicita!