Manchette Argenté Mille Et Une Nuit

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Manchette Argenté Mille Et Une Nuit

$214,00satisfied or refunded


  • Longueur 2cm

  • Largeur 6cm

The timeless designer cuff. Designed and handmade in Paris, like all of our jewelry, it is the centerpiece of a jewelry box. Here, in its slightly thinner version, it can be worn alone or with other thin bracelets (such as our princesse padmée bracelets). Everything starts with a gorgeous cuff…

Mille et une nuit

A sand castle with oriental moldings, the warm rays of the golden sun at 5pm… The Mille et Une Nuits (1001 Nights) collection takes us on a journey into a marvelous tale, where we, women, are dressed only in jewels, revealing a sparkling skin under these iconic pieces that play together.