Boucles D'oreilles Percées Doré Padmée

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Boucles D'oreilles Percées Doré Padmée

$80,00satisfied or refunded

Référence - DCHL28_DORE

  • Longueur 2.5cm

  • Largeur 3.5cm

A hoop… with a twist. Our designer has thought of this pair of earrings as a not-so-basic basic, and thanks to the know-how of her team, she has managed to create the perfect pair of earrings. It can be worn on any occasion, and all the women who wear them agree: it instantly makes you even more beautiful than you already are.


For this collection, Jeanne, the designer, worked with different shapes, colors, and materials than the ones she is used to being around. Futuristic and geometric shapes, and, once the collection, finished, appeared in front of her: she imagined it worn by a unique Princess, Princess Padmée.