Boucles D'oreilles Percées Doré Oiseau

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Boucles D'oreilles Percées Doré Oiseau

$93,00satisfied or refunded

Référence - DOISEAU7_DORE

  • Longueur 0.8cm

  • Largeur 4cm

Clean, sharp, and stylish, are 3 of the words that define these pierced earrings from our Oiseau collection. We could also just have said that these pendant earrings are… perfect! Their length is ideal and this surprising contrast between the round top and the topstitched spike is absolutely elegant.


This collection is made of raw feelings. When looking at it, we can imagine the bird it represents: full of hope and light, its singular wings fly through all tests and carry us toward times of sweetness and happiness. Its geometric shapes contrast with the rounded shapes of the face and instantly highlight them.