Pierced Earrings Golden Maitika

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Pierced Earrings Golden Maitika

110 satisfied or refunded

Reference - DPBIU_DORE

  • Length 3cm

  • Width 6cm

There is something exceptional about these clip-on earrings. Their reinvented circles are asymmetrical and in constant motion. They dance to the rhythm of your steps, and illuminate your face and your complexion. We love their very rounded shape, a real pair of designer earrings.


The Maïtika collection is a nocturnal walk in the middle of the forest, whose fairy colors, lit by the moon, are veiled and imprecise. The dragonfly, central motif of the collection, fascinates us with its lightness, it lands on any woman, and brings us a touch of femininity and poetry. It allows us to take a bit of this magical and mysterious night landscape with us. In Jeanne’s eyes, dragonflies remind of women: they appear and disappear as they wish, they are mysterious and delicate.