Boucles D'oreilles Percées Argenté Olala

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Boucles D'oreilles Percées Argenté Olala

$88,00satisfied or refunded


  • Longueur 5cm

  • Largeur 5cm

The pair of hoops that makes us feel good. Our Olala pierced hoop is thin from the front, voluminous from the side, and results from a unique French know-how. Gorgeous in all its angles, it makes you want to be seen in 360° degrees at all times. Like our favorite pair of jeans, it makes us look great, we feel good wearing it, and we never get tired of it. Beautiful by day with a pair of jeans and sneakers, as well as by night with a silky top, this pair of earrings is just an essential part of any wardrobe. Here, in its largest size, it is majestic, without stealing the show from you.


A flamenco dancer, frenzied castanets, generous and rythmic movements : this is how Jeanne imagined the Olala collection. Through Olala, Jeanne talks about a feminine, delicate and savage woman, that owns it: Oh la la, how radiant she is.