La parure Colombe

Ravie ou remboursée


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Notre parure colombe est une merveille, scintillante comme de la magie. Elle se porte pour un grand évènement comme pour une journée "simple" (mais est-ce qu'une journée peut être simple lorsqu'on porte cette parure ?) ( DYB10, DCHLB7, DFEYPEN)



Cécile & Jeanne's Dove is hope, future, femininity and all its beauty. It was born in a little city by the sea, where Jeanne grew up. It was born at a time where children dreamt of piece and enjoyed drawing it. From our Voyage collection, that is unique because it represents air, water, and earth together, our Dove quickly distinguished itself and became the symbol of the house. You will always find it in the little details of Jeanne's creations: on a necklace clasp, at the back of an earring...