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Long Necklace 

Classic of all classics, of a timeless and very discernable parisian elegance, this sautoir is infinitely light and aerial. Whether you wear it long , double, or with the dove upfront as a pendant, it will suit every mood and every outfit. 

220,00 €

This thin long necklace combines oval bronze color rings with small hammered golden pieces. A little dove underlines its delicateness. 

165,00 €

This long necklace, a newcomer in Cécile&Jeanne’s collection, has become an instant classic ! It combines oval bronze color rings with hammered golden pieces that are lightly flowing onto your bust. A delicate golden flower finishes it off. Wear it with your favorite top and a black blazer for a very parisian touch. 

179,00 €

This long necklace is emblematic of the 1001 nights collection. It is a magic and timeless piece. Wear it on your neck, long or double, or as a belt on a dress or on a loose-fitting pair of pants. Rolled up on your wrist, it is also an exquisetely sensual cuff. 

250,00 €
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