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Those hoops will be perfect for everything. Super chic yet relaxed, wear them with your favorite pair of jeans or with a dressy top. Perfectly sized, they highlight your face and frame it beautifully.  

49,00 €

Those gorgeous, perfect-sized clip earrings give center stage to the depth of their colors: soft and luminous in green or pink, pop and energizing in ocean blue, they are always intensely chic. 

75,00 €

Off of the 1001 nights collection, this bracelet is a Cécile&Jeanne classic. The hammered metal pattern gives off a deep and bright texture to it, as well as a rare elegance. 

75,00 €

Exceptionally delicate, this necklace mixes doves of different sizes with faceted glass paste beads. Its satiny finish is radiant, like a flight of doves in bright skies.    

175,00 €

This very light and aerial pendant of the Voie Lactée collection is as simple as it is radiant. The slightly irregular surface of the golden or silvered pendant is glowing on your bust. Wear it at the office as well as going out, with the «  Must have » hoops, or with the « Princess Padmee » earrings.  

69,00 €

With its very couture and beautifully curved design, this torque necklace frames your neck and shoulders perfectly. Wear it in daytime with a pair of jeans and a flowing shirt for a casual yet glamorous look,  or rock it out at night with your favorite mini-dress !

250,00 €
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