Parure (Set) l'Heure Dorée

Ravie ou remboursée


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This L'Heure Dorée set is delicate and timeless. It is the perfect gift for a younger girl, a woman who loves thins and discreet jewelry, and for anyone you want to spoil while being sure you don't make a mistake. The set contains a pair of l'heure dorée earrings (LP6) and l'heure dorée bracelet (LPB2)    


L'heure dorée

The pieces of this collection sparkle on the skin like a warm ray of sunshine: don't be scared to shine, and to be absolutely feminine. L'heure Dorée (The Golden Hour) also is a collection full of doves: for the 30 years anniversary of the brand, we wanted to invade the world with women, and through them to invade it with doves. By wearing this collection, we make this precious and magic moment, the Golden hour, that only lasts for a fews moments, indefinitely.