Bracelet Orrose Félicita

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Bracelet Orrose Félicita

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Référence - DOFTPB7_ORROSE

  • Largeur 17.5cm

This bracelet from the Felicita collection perfectly dresses the wrist. Its rounded and openwork central motif, recalls a juggler in action, and contrasts with a very flexible chain. It lets the skin appear through it, which is absolutely feminine. It is a timeless piece that we love wearing everyday.


Movement, dance, art, balance, are at the origin of the Felicita collection. For this collection, born in a luminous period, Jeanne was inspired by the grace of juggles and great circus acrobats, recreating their movements by playing with asymmetrical shapes, rounds of different sizes… the result: dancing jewels. It is a collection that makes you feel good, brings you joy, happiness: that brings you Felicita!