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Boucles D'oreilles Percées Doré Email

$148,00satisfied or refunded

Référence - DANEX8_DORE

  • Longueur 0.8cm

  • Largeur 7cm

In french we say «  L’art du détail  » (the art of details). This pair of pierced earrings is shaped in its front as well as in its back, because women deserve to be gorgeous in every angle. Enameled on the front and metallic on the back, they are just like you: soft and spicy at the same time. Their perfect length enhances the shapes of your face, and creates a beautiful posture: was it you last Friday on the Opéra’s stage ?


The Energie collection, composed of enamels, is a translation of the strength that emanates from colors. Each piece is worked with different reliefs and heights, to give different nuances to the colors and a heterogeneous and mysterious depth to them. For this collection, Jeanne took pleasure in playing with shapes to transmit to women this unique energy that colors give us, in her words “colors have this exceptional gift of making us grow wings”.