Boucles D'oreilles Clips Argenté Toréador

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Boucles D'oreilles Clips Argenté Toréador

$161,00satisfied or refunded

Référence - DSO12BIS_ARGENTE

  • Longueur 6.5cm

  • Largeur 9.5cm

A large pair of hoops, in gold or silver, worked down to the detail... Go ahead, zoom in, and fall in love with these sublime and feminine hoops that will brighten up your outfits, your days, and your evenings.


Jeanne has always been fascinated by the embroideries on the costumes of the Toréador Masters. Their mastery, their show, their allure, this is what she wanted to broadcast through her toreador collection. It was rough, freehand drawings, that she drew and then transformed into jewelry.