Pierced Earrings Silver Exact

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  • Length 1.5cm

  • Width 4cm

"Wow" That's usually what you say when you see those pierced dangling earrings. They have the perfect proportions to dress and brighten the complexion without stealing the show from you. Got nothing to wear? Put on a white blouse and these earrings and you’re the best dressed of the evening! These earrings from the Exacte collection are EXACTLY what you need.


If Jeanne is used to working with more rounded and abstract shapes, the Exact collection has the particularity of expressing femininity through pure and geometric lines. The idea was to have the perfect brightness on all sides of the jewel. This is why the collection is worked from the front as well as from the back. From the front, the pieces are slightly convex, at the back, they are hollow and adorned with delicate lines, like rays of sun. Once the collection was complete, it represented EXACLTY what Jeanne wanted: assertive femininity, intense luminosity.